Care fooD was founded in 2002 by people with technical and commercial background and more then 15 year of experience in sales of product for food and pharmaceutical industrial applications.

Within few years, Care fooD become one of the Italian main suppliers of ingredients and raw material; it is also a well recognized supplier of the most important food and pharmaceutical Italian Companies.

Supplier of ingredients, raw materials and additives for food and pharmaceutical industrial applications, Care fooD offer also some customer services as follow:


 Storage and logistic activities, done in our warehouse with custom clearance and rail station services inside

 Chemical and microbiological analysis of all the main food finished products with a close collaboration with an external laboratory

 Research and development of formulas and technical assistance 

 All main products available with a complete product sheets constantly updated

 Powder blends and aromatization, with a close collaboration with an external Company


Working hard and seriously, Care fooD gave its own contribute to regional industrial development; the activity was recognized in the year 2006 with the important prize “Mercurio d’oro” city of Milan.